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Formula Yas 3000 - Driving Experiences | Yas Marina Circuit

The weather was favorably warm for a late October journey through Switzerland, so of course we had the sunroof open and we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. Lucerne tesla accessories is located in such a beautiful location with the mountains and the lakes surrounding it, although having traveled a bit of Switzerland I guess that this statement would fit most of Switzerland. It was a bit hard taking in the scenery when most of the surroundings are a blur, but we did slow down as we passed through the many charming towns. Short shifting and powering through turns, downshifting for speed so we could watch the cars in our rearview mirror; I believe that Debra had wished we had a 3 point harness for a seatbelt. We cruised a few hours north of Lucerne before doubling back to meet with a friend in the town of Willisau where we went on a tour of the Diwisa Distillery where they make Xellent Swiss Vodka. I, being of sound mind, body, and remembering the insurance note I signed regarding the Porsche, did not partake in any of the samples. We enjoyed the educational and informative tour of the Diwisa Distillery, but alas it was time to fire-up the engine and cruise back to Lucerne, though we did take a few turns to extend our seat time.

Recalling my physics classes, “two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time,” translated, that is what the accelerator pedal was for; I used this feature to its proper functionality. The navigation system worked to perfection as it told me in a calm and engaging voice ‘where to go,’ and I enjoyed it. I did notice that people stare at you when you pass them in a red Porsche, and I noticed that people like to show you how fast their car could go as they try to pass you, but Debra and I dealt with this situation in a professional manner, we smiled and waved. Again, recalling the insurance note I signed, I drove in control and within the designated speed limits, most of the time. I did test out the various numbers on the digital speedometer readout, it was our special experiment as I yelled out 130, 140, 145, …, and Debra noted how smooth the ride was regardless of the speed, so our experiment was a success. The navigation system came alive, so to speak, when I made a few wrong turns; it was great as it calibrated the change in location and then proceeded to inform me what I needed to do to return to my proper course, and there was no one telling me to get out of the car and ask for directions. I had an exceptional time driving around the back roads and byways around Lucerne, Switzerland, and you could do the same when you stay at the incredible Palace Luzern.