How to Increase Your Odds of Winning in Baccarat with EZ Baccarat

Every casino follows the same basic rules when it comes to playing s 바카라 (baccarat) From Sin City to Macau, it’s governed by the same standard set of guidelines. Like many other casino games, baccarat comes in a few distinct flavors. One of the most well-known variations is EZ Baccarat. As simple as it seems, baccarat might be easily overlooked. Despite this, EZ Baccarat has the highest odds of winning.

The reasons for this are elaborated upon in the accompanying manual. It also discusses how EZ baccarat stacks up against the classic game.

What is EZ Baccarat

EZ Baccarat functions similarly to the standard version explained above. While it is similar to the traditional game in many ways, there are a few key distinctions.

The standard casino commission for winning banker bets is 5%. In contrast, EZ Baccarat does not take the house edge. Instead, successful banker wagers are paid at a 1:1 even money rate.

Gambling establishments need these commissions to maintain their advantage over their customers. If they didn’t collect commissions and kept all the other regulations the same, they’d lose a lot of money from players.

Therefore, a unique rule was implemented for EZ Baccarat that isn’t seen in other versions. When you have three sevens and are ahead, you push.

If you need an illustration of this, consider the following:

Your hand is 2-10-5. (7).

The dealer holds card values of J, 3, and 3 (6).

You have a winning three-card seven and thus push.

In all other cases, a victory on a banker bet results in a payout of one-to-one. Again, in the simplified form, you push when you have a three-card seven.

Lower House Edge

The house has an advantage of 1.06% throughout a typical baccarat game when the player bets on the banker. The house advantage is relatively modest despite the 5% above charges.

Playing EZ Baccarat increases your odds of winning. Its banker bet has a low house edge of 1.02% since no fees are taken on winning wagers.

Using the simplified version would put you ahead of the house. While commissions may be lacking, the emphasis on achieving a “three-card sevens” hand makes up for it.

Still, the odds of winning are improved with EZ baccarat. The house edge on a banker bet is a mere 1.02%.

Side Bets Available

Those who enjoy 바카라 (baccarat)  making side bets will find a lot to like in EZ Baccarat. Dragon 7 and Panda 8 are two optional wagers in this game.


When the banker wins with three sevens, the payoff in Dragon 7 is 40 to 1. It’s almost like an insurance policy, given that you typically exert effort in these situations.

In reality, though, Dragon 7 is really a low-paying wager. Due to the low frequency with which three-card sevens appear, the house holds a 7.61% advantage.

When a player’s hand consists of three eights, the payoff in Panda 8 is 25 to 1. It has a very high house advantage of 10.19%.

The place to play EZ Baccarat

Nowadays, you may play EZ Baccarat in many brick-and-mortar gambling establishments. They like that there are no banker bet commissions for them to collect.

They should be willing to give up only 0.04% of their advantage to access this feature. Because of this, casinos may devote more time to other activities instead of worrying about paying out commissions. Therefore, the EZ variant shouldn’t be too difficult to track down.

When playing baccarat online, most people stick to the traditional rules. Because of this, it is common practice for online software producers to incorporate a 5% fee deduction from banker winnings into their games.

The Basics of EZ Baccarat

You’re already one step ahead of the competition by choosing to play EZ Baccarat. However, if you follow the advice below, you can maximize your profits.

Choose the Banker Bet First.

In baccarat, the banker wager is the better bet nearly always. Conversely, the player bet is often inferior.

Betting on the banker’s hand gives you the best odds of winning.

If you play either the EZ or classic version, you can reduce the house advantage to 1.02% and 1.06%, respectively.

Changing things by occasionally betting on the player’s hand is a good idea. You may also consider placing a prop bet to further ramp up the tension.

The banker bet should be your go-to if you want to maximize your winnings. Compared to other variations of baccarat, EZ Baccarat offers the best odds of winning.

Depend Not on Baccarat Methods

There’s more action when using a baccarat method than just playing traditionally. Manipulating your wagering habits to increase your short-term profits is essential.

A basic baccarat setup looks like this:

You should seek for player or banker losing streaks.

The objective is to back the team more likely to win the next round.

Three consecutive losses for the playing squad.

You bet on the player’s hand, hoping it would win.

In this scenario, the banker begins to lose.

It’s time to shift your money to the banker’s hand.

In principle, these systems seem ideal. However, the truth is that using them won’t increase your wins over time any more than playing regularly would. They have zero effect on the house edge or your long-term profits.

Because it requires you to go back and forth between the greatest and second-best choices, the technique above is hazardous. With this wager, the house edge is more significant than if you had merely bet on the banker.

Place Outside Bets Uses side bets sparingly to increase your chances of winning with a bit of investment. With their special payouts, they may really spice up the action.

But remember to factor in the increased house advantage. The casino has a higher probability of winning when betting on the Panda 8 or the Dragon 7, as opposed to the banker or the player.

If you prefer to place occasional side bets, don’t feel guilty about it. However, I would not get carried away because of the increased house advantages associated with these bets.


You may be nitpicking if you go from regular to EZ Baccarat. After all, betting on the banker only increases the house edge by 1.06%, from 1.02%.

But there is a slight edge that you may gain playing EZ Baccarat. If you play many games, you might want to look for this one.

The good news is that EZ 바카라 (baccarat) can be found in many actual brick-and-mortar casinos. They would gladly take a 0.04% hit to the margin to advance the game.

In conclusion, dedicated baccarat players should seek out EZ Baccarat. Your chances of winning will increase over time as you play this game.